One of the most expensive coin from India..

This Akbar coin was sold for USD $1,40,000, or a little over 1 crore Rupees in 2010.

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This coin type with the ‘Ram-Siya’ legend is the only known type of Akbar to feature human figures. Akbar greatly expanded the Mughal Empire to include Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh. More importantly, he followed policies of reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims.

When he died at the age of sixty-three, he bequeathed to the future his ideal of a unified country of diverse religions and cultures. It is for this reason that historians regard Akbar as one of the greatest rulers of India. Akbar built the city of Fatehpur Sikri to celebrate the birth of his son, Salim.

The great Mughal ruler issued coins honouring Hindu deities in 1604-1605, even though idolatry is prohibited in Islam.

The beautiful silver coin above of more than four centuries old is engraved with the forms of Lord Ram, carrying his bow and arrows, and Sita, it reads: “Ram Siya.”

The inscription on the other side says – ‘Amardad Ilahi 50’ meaning the 50th year of the reign of Akbar.

Only three such coins one gold, and two silver remain.

The coin above was sold for a cool US$1,40,000, a little over 1 crore Rupees in 2010 by the Classical Numismatic Group.

Here is the gold version of the same coin.

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